When it came to writing The Bottom Turtle, Dave believed there was more to an infinite God than what could be taught solely in church. When he found himself exploring yoga, what he discovered surprised him. He knew of the stigma that Christians (himself included) attached to the this Eastern perspective of life…so with a desire to learn, and a mind guarded by the promises of scripture, Dave made the choice to become a certified yoga teacher. After 30 days immersed in the program,  Dave embarked from the training a changed man, humbled by the selflessness and non-judgment the other yoga practitioners manifested. Follow Dave’s journey from being a conservative Christian who was uncertain about eastern religion and Yoga, to becoming a yoga instructor whose faith and walk with God have been bolstered by what he has learned.

Read more about Dave's growth in his interview with Christians Practicing Yoga.

Driver also writes a blog full of his wisdom & musings. Check it out at www.teachfearlessly.blogspot.com

Author Dave Driver is a teacher, yogi and lifelong Christian. He is the father to two grown children and lives in Minneapolis with his wife Marcella & dog Wrigley.

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