The Bottom Turtle: A Christian's Journey Into Yoga

The book by Dave Driver that gives a practical look at how to love deeply in the face of unrest and division.

The journey is for Christians and non-Christians alike.






What people are saying about The Bottom Turtle...

. . . this type of book has never been written before!

- Tammy, Wayzata MN


The Bottom Turtle is fantastic

You can read it over and over and still learn something new and profound every time.

- Jen, Canada

The Bottom Turtle transformed my understanding of God and His perfect love—I can't wait to share it! The last chapter really hit home for me. Thank you for your obedience and bravery in writing this book.
- Dr. Kate Craig, creator of The Align Block 

The Bottom Turtle is a wonderfully insightful examination of the interconnectedness of yoga, Christianity, and the human struggle. As a fellow yogi who has lived within the Christian bubble, it's refreshing to see a conversation that carefully considers both perspectives, and offers a bridge to unite the two communities.
- Ellie Bradley, editor of Fresh Cup Magazine

I LOVED the book! I think it has other applications in addition to yoga. How WE can ALL find the good and grow together...Especially the last chapter and how well that ties it together. Well done!!!
- John Holien, founder of Yoganic Growth

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About the Author

Dave Driver is a teacher, yogi, and lifelong Christian. Dave welcomes all compliments (as well as kind  criticism)! 

He would be honored to hear your feedback. 

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