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Writer's Digest rates The Bottom Turtle OUTSTANDING (5 of 5) in the following categories:

- Voice, Writing Style

- Structure, Organization, Pacing

- Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation

- Production Quality, Cover

Judges comments:

I liked Driver’s contemplation of the Old Testament and whether the Bible would allow its reader to practice yoga and still be Christian. The fact that the author is a certified yoga instructor is one of the great encouragements for the reader not to be discouraged by some of the introduced Biblical concepts, and indeed, Driver scrutinizes what exactly keeps yoga and Christianity apart from one another, which is the problem of judging. Judging, he writes, stems from dogma. I liked his explanation of dogma and I liked his steady progress towards freedom of spirit and embracing all people. Yoga, Driver argues sensibly, is a tool, similar to others tools. In this book, the author uses many strong analogies, like the grocery store being a place that can offer healthful substances or junk food. Overall, he accomplishes his goal stated at the outset, and displays grace and humor in many parts of this book. The cover art and metaphor of the bottom turtle work quite well.

Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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Author Dave Driver is a teacher, yogi and lifelong Christian. He is the father to two grown children and lives in Minneapolis with his wife Marcella & dog Wrigley.

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