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"I had my mom read it because she fell into your category "concerned for a family member who practices yoga". She gave me a "THUMBS UP" for yoga after reading it!"

~ Anna K, Artist, (Minneapolis)

You do not have to be a Christian or a yogi to appreciate the message of love that permeates the pages of The Bottom Turtle, nor do you have to carry any moniker with you—yogi, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. You must simply be someone who is open to finding more joy and delight in your own life and in the lives of those around you. That’s all. It’s that simple. Just be open. Just be you.

In The Bottom Turtle, you will walk hand in hand with the author as he humbly and openly shares with you how prejudices crept into his life, and how this pre-judging kept him from a greater love; both his own and from receiving it from others. You will see how Dave was able to, with an easy shift, discover more space in his life to LOVE others without measure. Not only others who were unlike him, but those others he already loved. Learn more about Dave Driver here


Driver illuminates both his shortcomings and his growth with practical—and often humorous—stories gently drawing the reader into “savoring this yummy book”. These stories could stand alone, but throughout The Bottom Turtle, Driver interweaves supporting scriptures for those who rely on Biblical scriptures for guidance and authority. As a pleasant result, ALL readers with a heart towards love will benefit from The Bottom Turtle.

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I just finished your book. Great insight and I love your voice. Marcella sounds like my kind of woman.

- Heather Coulter, Developmental Specialist (Anaheim Hills, CA)


I am really, really, enjoying this book. Having grown up in a devout Catholic family where we were not even allowed to walk into a church of a different religion, The Bottom Turtle is really resonating. - Ginny Anderson, Architect  (Minneapolis)


Gillian Smith-Cameron, psychologist, writing in 2017:
The Bottom Turtle finally came Down Under and I was not disappointed.

I so often heard my own questions and thoughts right there in print.

It was particularly helpful to consider Dave's insight about Fruit in Chapter 4


I start my yoga training next month and your book has giving me the extra confidence. I have a new freedom in being able to sit with the chanting and other beautiful things and hold my Lord's hand and softly chant His words of truth...I'm very excited!

 - Gillian Smith-Cameron in 2017, Psychologist (and soon to be yoga teacher), Australia (2017)

Gillian, again, a year later: 

Thanks again, Dave, for your book. My confidence to sit with seekers from all new age ideas and places has been fed and firmly established by your insight. Jesus is the bottom turtle and we have the truth, actually He has us:). My compassion for these beautiful people worshiping the ‘un-named God’ or Divine Creative force has grown tenfold and I pray for them daily.  At the same time I am challenged by their love and commitment to their journey.

 - Gillian Smith-Cameron, Psychologist (and practicing yoga teacher), Australia (2018)


​I felt like I was having a conversation with Dave

- Erin Conway (Minneapolis)


It's "honest, humble, insightful, and humorous".

- Matt Driver, my brother. 



- Alison Smith (Minnesota)


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Dave Driver is a teacher, yogi, and lifelong Christian. He would be honored to hear your feedback. 

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